The not so glamourous side of being a shoe addict

Mi Piaci Blush & Silver Leather Brogues // Flat Shoes // Leather Shoes

Mi Piaci Blush & Silver Leather Brogues

So it’s not all high heels (or flats) and glitz when you are a 100% shoe addict. The lust for a shoe will overtake even the most grounded individual and make you buy shoes that are just a bit too small. I do it more than I should and recently fell for these beautiful blush and silver brogues. The are gorgeous in every way but they just don’t fit my big feet so here I sit with unmatched odd ski socks on as I work from home today, ever hopeful that they will be able to join me on an adventure out in the real world soon.

I figured I’m not alone in this and so here are my top tips for stretching shoes

Top Tips for Stretching Shoes That Don’t Fit

1.Thick Socks & Heat

This is my go to (as you can see above.. sexy huh!). Find your thickest socks, I find ski or walking socks are the best for this or if you don’t have these double up and put on a few pairs of socks. Squeeze your feet into your shoes and wear them for a while. As well as helping to stretch out this technique will also soften up the backs which can sometimes rub. If you have a pair that are a bit smaller than just tight, or you don’t have all day to wander round in this glamourous get up add some heat. Use your hairdryer to gently heat the leather and it will speed up the process. Keep your feet in the shoes until the heat has completely cooled from the shoe.

2. Ice ice baby

So this one has the tendancy to become a little bit wet and messy but as everyone knows as water turns to ice it expands so.. get yourself a couple of watertight sandwich bags and fill them up with water. Put the full bags into your shoes and then your shoes into the freezer. You’ll need to leave them overnight and my the morning you should have beautifully stretched, if a bit chilly new shoes.

3. Stuff your shoes

So I’ve not tried this one myself but I have read it works and it’s a good set up and leave shoe stretcher as you don’t need to worry too much about keeping a check in on your shoes.

Find a bottle, a potato or something else sturdy and semi foot shaped and sized, wrap it in something soft and push it into the toes of your shoes. Leave them overnight or longer and it should work a treat.

4. Use a Shoe Stretcher

So these things aren’t always cheap but a shoe stretcher enables you to stretch the length and width of your shoes. I should probably invest in one of these

They are simple to use – you just put the shoe stretcher inside your shoe and twist it until it’s snug.  Twist it some more and leave your shoes, ideally overnight and they should fit a treat 🙂

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