The search for the perfect boot..

I have been on this search for some time now as I face a frequent battle of admiring the beautiful boots on the shoe shop displays.. my heart always heads towards the heels yet my damaged joints say no. This battle results in a stalemate.. no new boots for me.

But, I think I have found a compromise. Aren’t these beautiful..? I am in love with the ankle shaping, they are going to be perfect with jeans, they will be smart enough for work and casually cool at the weekends.

The Razel boot by Windsor Smith may well just be the boot for me (for now at least…). It has a 4cm and so very manageable heel for me and a stylishly almond shape. There are 3 different colours and finishes on The Iconic, but I’m especially taken by this beautiful dark tan shade

Razel Boots, by Windsor Smith at Hannah’s Shoes, $179NZD

Razel Boots by Windsor Smith

A chill in the air…

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere there is a very definite chill in the air that has come a bit unexpected. I’m now heading into to my second autumn in New Zealand and I think for sure this year I am acclimatised. Last year well into the winters months of July I was still living in shorts and jandals with the air still seeming much warmer that the summery days of the UK. My feet saw no slippers…

We are only in April this year and I am shivery without a sweater and whilst on the one hand this can be a bit frustrating I am pretty over joyed about being able to crack out my slippers again.

Oh yes, how different this is to my last posting of skyscraper satin heels.. but a good pair of slippers should never be underestimated. Last year I missed out on my favourite slippers as they were too warm but now I am welcoming them back onto my feet.

The year before we moved I discovered Mahabis and I can honestly say I don’t ever want to wear slippers that aren’t these beauties again. I’ve decided I need a new pair and came across this beautiful, on trend yellow pair of their new style slippers which I think I have to have.

There are many great things about Mahabi’s slippers but the main thing to know is that they come in two parts. Some may say they are over engineered? Not so.. they are award winning, super soft and snuggly, and a masterpiece of comfyness. Each slipper has a detachable sole which makes them so practical and super stylish as you can mix and match, chop and change your colours.

Amazingly the Mahabi guys have a sale on right now – 25% off all slippers which when coupled with free international shipping (lucky for me all the way down here!!) means I may well have secured these bad boys before the night is out!

Mahabis Slippers – from $89USD / $116NZD

Mahabis Slippers

This season is all about the heel….

Ok, so I promise I will post more than just red shoes but this pair just caught my eye and I had to share them. There is no way the non-heel wearing version of me could possibly wear these skyscrapers but that’s no reason you shouldn’t know about them.

These are seemingly perfect in every way. A beautiful orangey-red satin pump with a hugely on-trend statement heel. This season is all about heel details whether new and unusual shapes, glittery, metallics .. whatever is needed to make the heel stand out and this one does it in style.

I especially love the low cut vampy look to the shoe mixed with a super modern block and metallic heel. Don’t you just love them?

Ginger & Smart glitch high heeled pumps// $449 //The Iconic

Ginger and smart glitch high heel pumpGinger and smart glitch high heel pump

Note: I am not paid by any of the brands featured on my site, nor incentivised in any way. You can rest assured that the only reason I am posting these is because I love them and want to share them with the world!

New Season, New Boots!

Ok, so as the weather turns, the chill hits the air this means only one thing as far as I am concerned. New Boots! I’m currently in New Zealand so the Southern Hemisphere winter is coming and the stores are filling up with beautiful displays of new boots in every colour. I am especially partial to an item or two of red footwear and these red ankle boots have shot to the top of my wish list. Love a bit of Mi Piaci high quality and the colour of these is just to die for… going to be lusting after these for a while I think ❤️❤️❤️

Ricci Red Ankle Boot, New into Mi Piaci, $340NZD

Ricci Red Ankle Boot from Mi Piaci

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world…

…. or maybe at least conquer the world wide web!

This blog is a 100% unashamed homage to one of my life’s true passions. Shoes.

As superficial as it may be I cannot ignore how much I just bloody love them. The right shoes will turn your day around, brighten up a drab outfit and give you a super-confidence boost… ‘yeah, I’m bossing this, just look at my awesome shoes’ type of boost! They will always be your friend on a fat day.. on those days when clothes in the fitting room won’t do up or just don’t look good, you can always rely on a new pair of shoes to cheer up your day.

The problem for me is that pretty much for as long as I can remember I have had this thing for shoes, but being vertically challenged my obsession largely centred around high heels, super stacked stilettos that I would teeter around in, pounding the commuting streets of London without a second thought. Then I had kids, took a break from working life and my go-to footwear became slippers, sneakers or my trusty birkenstocks. 5 years on, I can’t honestly tell you the last time I wore a pair of high heels and I’m just not sure I can do it anymore. So I am embracing my life after heels and making my way forth into the shoe world opening my mind to flats, brogues and wedges and sharing every beautiful pair I see on the way. I’m not selling them, being paid for posting them, so just join in and share my love for them!

If you love shoes as much as I do, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that it brings you a bit of shoe happiness whenever you read it 🙂